Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Panel

Party Wall System, Party Floor System

NASAHI AAC Panels is a lightweight precast concrete building material that provides excellent structural, thermal, fire, termite and mould-resistance. A high-quality building product designed to provide a superior wall and floor solutions in the construction of; houses, multi-unit residential, apartments and commercial buildings. A smarter way to build.

Manufactured from lightweight steel-reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete, NASAHI AAC Panels have a working density of 650kg/m3 making them highly resistant to chipping and damage during delivery and handling. They are are also thermally stable, providing long-term durability. Panels are supplied in a standard width of 600mm and up to 3300mm length and can easily be cut to size allowing fast and strong installation.

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Why Build With AAC Panels?

  • 50mm panel – total wall thickness 270mm
  • Fire resistant FRL of 120/120/120 with std. 10mm plasterboard
  • Acoustic performance – rw(ctr) 50+
  • Discontinuous construction
  • Quick to install – 80m+ per day
  • Unaffected by weather during construction
  • No specialist installers required
  • Cost effective
  • Thermal comfort
  • Energy efficiency
  • Light weight & strong
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AAC Performance vs. Brick

  • Are Eco-friendly whereas conventional red brick is not.
  • Dead load on the structure is low, reduced the consumption of cement, steel, and water.
  • Emit less heat in the atmosphere due to less use of cement, steel, and concrete.
  • Have less material wastage.
  • AAC Panels have a high thermal and sound insulating properties.
  • Are quicker to lay compared to other traditional options.
  • Using AAC Wall and Floor Panels can save up to 40% on material and labour per project.
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